Servicing Your Jeep In Reading, PA


Caring for your Jeep vehicle ensures it retains its rugged reliability and adventurous spirit. Here's a recommended maintenance schedule to help you keep your Jeep in top condition.


Routine Maintenance (Every 7,500 miles):

At every interval of 7,500 miles, several routine checks and tasks are necessary. Start with inspecting the battery and cleaning or tightening any loose terminals. A thorough inspection of your Jeep's brake system is crucial for safety. Ensure that door latches are properly greased for smooth operation.


Take a moment to look at the engine air cleaner - it shouldn't be dirty. The exhaust system also needs your attention at this stage.Check the engine cooling system protection and hoses to prevent overheating issues.


The transmission fluid level should be checked to ensure smooth gear shifts. Jeep recommends changing your engine oil and its filter at this time as well as having your tires rotated and re-balanced. One place we at King's Auto Repair differ from Jeep on oil changes is they claim 7,500-mile oil changes for normal maintenance. We recommend an oil service and tire rotation every 5,000 miles. We see a lot of vehicles that develop engine issues once they are out of warranty from these extended 7,500-mile oil changes. Mostly timing chain and variable camshaft issues. We only use high quality synthetic oil from Quaker State or Pennzoil to keep your engine clean and running efficiently.


Intermediate Maintenance (Every 20,000 miles):

As you reach the 20,000-mile mark, replace your air conditioning and cabin air filter for optimal climate control and clean cabin air. It's time to check on the transfer case fluid and inspect the CV and Universal joints.


Ensure that the front suspension and tie rod ends are in good condition. Inspect the brake linings and parking brake for proper functioning. Also, check the front and rear axle fluid for optimal drivetrain performance.


Advanced Maintenance (Every 40,000 miles):

At the 40,000-mile milestone, repeat all the tasks from the20,000-mile service. This includes replacing your air conditioning and cabin air filter, checking the transfer case fluid, inspecting the CV and Universal joints, ensuring the front suspension and tie rod ends are in good condition,inspecting the brake linings and parking brake, and checking the front and rear axle fluid.


Major Maintenance (Every 60,000 miles):

When your Jeep reaches 60,000 miles, it's time to change your transfer case fluid. This is particularly important if you frequently tow or go off-roading. Both manual and automatic transmission fluids will need to be changed at this point.


Long-Term Maintenance (Every 100,000 miles):

At the 100,000-mile mark, if you haven't already, start checking the belts in your Jeep. Some may have slipped or worn down so much that they should be replaced. Additionally, inspect and replace your PCV valve if necessary.


Remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your Jeep vehicle ready for any adventure. Always consult your owner's manual or manufacturer for specific details. Our team of friendly and professional experts is here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have about your vehicle's maintenance. We're committed to building trust through transparency, excellent customer service, and providing informative, expert advice in a friendly manner.

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