Servicing Your Lincoln In Reading, PA

Caring for your Lincoln vehicle is crucial to ensure its longevity and peak performance.


Routine Maintenance (Every 10,000 miles):

In your journey of every 10,000 miles with your Lincoln, several routine checks and replacements are necessary. First off, it's time to change the oil and filter for gas engines, ensuring optimal performance. One place we at King's Auto Repair differ from Ford on oil change sis they claim 10,000-mile oil changes for normal maintenance. We recommend an oil service and tire rotation every 5,000 miles. We see a lot of vehicles that develop engine issues once they are out of warranty from these extended 10,000-mile oil changes. Mostly timing chain and variable camshaft issues. We only use high quality synthetic oil from Quaker State or Pennzoil to keep your engine clean and running efficiently. Don't forget to inspect the brake system- this includes brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, brake linings, hoses, and the parking brake.


Your vehicle's engine cooling system level, strength, and hoses require a thorough check. Similarly, the exhaust system and heat shields need to be inspected. Half-shaft boots, steering linkage, ball joints,suspension, tie-rod ends, drive shaft, and U-joints should also be examined. If equipped with grease fittings, lubrication is necessary. A quick peek at the automatic transmission fluid level (if equipped with a dipstick) is advisable.Make sure the wheels and related components are free from abnormal noise, wear,looseness, or drag.


Your tires are your primary contact with the road, so inspect them and check their pressures. A multi-point inspection can provide a comprehensive health report of your vehicle. It's also time to rotate the tires, inspect tire wear, and measure tread depth. Remember, included with you roil service here at King’s Auto Repair we will rotate your tires. We recommend this service at 5,000 miles, not 10,000. Also, if your car has a cabin air filter, replace it to ensure fresh clean air inside your vehicle.


Intermediate Maintenance (Every 30,000 miles):

As you reach the 30,000-mile mark, it's crucial to replace the engine air filter. This simple step can significantly improve your engine's performance and efficiency.


Major Maintenance (100,000 miles):

Joining the 100,000-mile club with your Lincoln is a significant milestone. Celebrate by replacing spark plugs if you have a4-cylinder engine. It's also time to change the orange engine coolant.Remember, from this point forward, the accessory drive belt(s) should be inspected every 20,000 miles.


Long-Term Maintenance (150,000 miles):

At 150,000 miles, your Lincoln is a testament to your care and its resilience. Keep it running smoothly by changing the automatic transmission fluid. If accessory drive belt(s) haven't been replaced in the last 100,000 miles, it's time for a new one. Also, replace the timing belt to keep your engine's operation synchronized. Finally, refresh the orange engine coolant once again.


Remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your Lincoln in top shape. Always consult your owner's manual or manufacturer for specific details. Our team of friendly and professional experts is always hereto help you with any questions or concerns you might have about your vehicle's maintenance. After all, our main goal is to build trust through transparency,customer service, and providing informative, expert advice.


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