Servicing Your Tesla In Reading, PA

At King's Auto Repair, we're more than just a repair shop.We're your partners in ensuring your Tesla runs smoothly for years to come. We believe in providing top-notch customer service, clear communication, and expert advice, all wrapped up in a friendly and approachable manner.


Daily Maintenance

Each day, it's good practice to check the battery's charge level on your Tesla's touchscreen or mobile app. You should also inspect the condition and pressure of each tire. It's important to ensure all exterior lights, horn, turn signals, and wipers are working correctly. Look out for any unexpected indicator lights or vehicle alerts on the touchscreen, and ensure the operation of the brakes, including the parking brake. Seat belts should be checked for proper operation, and you should look for any abnormal fluid deposits under the vehicle that might indicate a leak.


Monthly Maintenance

You should check the windshield washer fluid level and refill if necessary. Check that the air conditioning system is operating correctly (see Operating Climate Controls). *Note: In addition to cooling the interior, the air conditioning compressor also cools the Battery. Therefore, in hot weather, the air conditioning compressor can turn on even if you turned it off. This is normal because the system’s priority is to cool the Battery to ensure it stays within an optimum temperature range to support longevity and optimum performance. Also, even when not in use, you may hear your Tesla emit a whining noise or the sound of water circulating. These sounds are normal and occur when the internal cooling systems turn on to support various vehicle functions, such as maintaining the low voltage battery and balancing the temperature of the high voltage Battery. *Warning: Contact Tesla or King’s Auto Repair immediately if you notice any significant or sudden drop in fluid levels or uneven tire wear.


Fluid Replacement Intervals

Battery coolant and brake fluid levels should only be checked by Tesla or a professional automotive repair shop. We have the capability here at King’s Auto Repair to perform these services. Specific service information is available in the Service Manual. Battery coolant: your battery coolant does not need to be replaced for the life of your vehicle undermost circumstances.

*Note: Any damage caused by opening the Battery coolant reservoir is excluded from the warranty.


Software Updates

Staying up-to-date with software updates is crucial for the proper operation and longevity of your Tesla's components. We recommend installing software updates as soon as they become available.


Tire Rotation

At King's Auto Repair, we suggest rotating your tires every5,000 miles for optimal tread life, even though Tesla recommends doing so every6,250 miles or if the tread depth difference is 2/32 in or greater.


Remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your Tesla running like new. Trust King's Auto Repair with your vehicle's care - we're here to serve you with expertise, professionalism, and a friendly approach.

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