NOKIAN TYRES is the 120 year old tire company you have never heard of. They are most well known for snow tires because they are the inventor of the snow tire. So why are we excited for these tires? We are excited because they are designed for on and off road driving and they are 3 peak mountain snowflake certified.

This All Position Tire (APT) was designed with SUVS, Crossovers, and small Light Trucks in mind. The selection of tires among these 3 types of vehicles goes in 2 directions. One is very car like which does not provide a lot of traction in off road or snow situations. The other is super aggressive which makes them noisy on the highway and awesome off road. This APT tire blends them both together allowing for a quiet ride and certification for snow use.

Another cool thing Nokian did with the Outpost APT tire was they made 2 different sidewall designs. One side is aggressive looking and the other is plain looking. Besides making the tire look rugged they actually beefed up the tread and sidewalls of the tire so it resists punctures. They did this by using Aramid fibers which everyone knows by its trademarked name Kevlar®. This allows Nokian to offer a POTHOLE PROTECTION WARRANTY.

If you are looking for a tough, quiet, and great looking for your SUV or light Truck call us today. We can help you pick the right tire for you.

The tread design of the new Outpost APT tire

This is the aggressive looking sidewall of the Nokian Outpost APT Tire

This is the non aggressive sidewall of the Nokian Outpost APT Tire