If you have lived in the northeast during the winter you know the states love to use salt to melt ice on the road. As the salt melts the ice it makes salt water which is one of the greatest enemies of your car. That is where Fluid Film comes in. It is a NON-TOXIC/NON-HAZARDOUS mixture of BEES WAX and LANOLIN. It actually soaks into the metal and prevents water and salt from causing harm to your car. We tried it out a few years ago on our own cars before we offered it to the public.

It has worked great at stopping rust. Now we are offering it to the public. If you ever seen rubber or asphalt undercoating under your car you would see cracks in it after a few years. These cracks hold water and salt in them causing your car to rust faster. Fluid Film does not crack or hold water because it stays soft and pliable. This makes it perfect to use on cars that might have a little rust starting already. It can fill in those cracks keeping water out and your car protected. The answer to the question "Do I need to undercoat my car?" is YES. If you plan to keep your car and you drive it in a state that uses salt on the roads in the winter you need extra protection.

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Fluid Film does wear off in areas where water spray from your tires is high. This is why we offer a LIFETIME coverage plan for free resprays as long as you own the car. Call us today or visit the Fluid Film Website for more information about Fluid Film.