Well since I have been lazy by not putting up our shows in a timely manner I thought I would do them as Flashback shows. During this show we flashback to the day the world shut down. We called in ourselves using the speakerphone in our office as our 1 and only microphone because the studio was closed.

Our first topic of the night after the rona discussion was a recall on Ford F150 headlights being too bright and blinding drivers. Randy calls in later in the show to discuss the headlight conundrum we all now face. He also brings up the argument that pollution in other countries causes more damage than the cars here.

Then we dive into who owns the data your car collects on you and your driving habits. This also brings up camera monitoring that the manufacturer does of you as you drive. The cameras are pointed at the inside of the car and can monitor the driver and passengers to see if they are paying attention to the road.

We rap up the show with bad puns, a drive through confessional, and the Lemons Rally.

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This show was originally broadcast live 03/19/2020