What is ABS and how does it work?  ABS stand for Anti-lock Braking System.  The ABS system on your car keeps the tires on the car from locking up when breaking hard during quick stops. It is made up of two different pieces. The first piece is the electronic module. The module monitors all four of the wheels speeds it determines if one is going slower tan another during a braking event. The other piece is called the hydraulic unit. The Hydraulic unit handles the brake fluid and directs it to the wheels. When both pieces are together they work by applying and releasing pressure to the brakes at each individual wheel.The Anti-Lock Brake Unit allows for safe control while breaking because engineers found that a tire that stopped moving or "locked up" had less control than one that was rolling. Another feature that has been a by product of ABS is Traction Control. Traction control works by applying the brakes to a tire that is spinning faster than the other tires. When this happens it speeds the other tires up to reduce the amount of spinning.Check out the video below to see Dan and I take apart an ABS Module and Hydraulic Control Unit.