Tesla builds 1,000,000 car  Tesla Model 3 how to open the doors. On the model s their handle comes out when you walk up to it   model 3 key is cell phone/ credit card  no more tax credits for tesla $7500 to buy an electric cars. Talk about how tesla used the government tax credit to sell more cars and how they throttled the model 3 at release  to not release low end model 3s during the end of the tax credit

Diesel emissions and removing emissions equipment from trucks. smoking Prius out.   black smoke is unburned fuel coming out the tail pipe.   How the government went after a tv show that removed emissions equipment. because it is illegal to remove any emissions equipment on any vehicle in any state. Touch on diesel gate

Electric vehicle chargers. Are they universal?

Talk about how you cant get a European diesel vehicle here because of the fuel.   Don't have the the emissions equipment

Joe calls about environment stuff and goes into state safety inspection. pa emissios law in 67 counties  by population density

Talk about how pa emissions testing works how it is tied to federal highway dollars.  proposed emissions law change in Pa.

We talk about our Vehicle Health Report

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This show was originally broadcast live 03/10/2022