Well since I have been lazy by not putting up our shows in a timely manner. I thought I would do them as Flashback shows.

During this show Ashley and I talk about March snowstorms. They seem to come out of nowhere and dump a lot of snow just as the weather starts to warm up. Then we talk about a rare care that you might see on the road and wonder what it is; the Fisker Karma. It is an electric car with a range extender generator in it. It can go 80 miles on a charge and up to 360 using the range extender. They have since changed their name to just Karma.

We discuss a cool new feature that India is using in their traffic lights, microphones. The idea is the more honking that happens at a red light the longer they are going to make you sit and wait. Then David calls in to ask about electric parking brakes. This unpacks why vehicle manufactures a moving to having electric park brakes on cars.

Brian calls in to talk about his Chevy Trailblazer he just bought with a water leak.

Autonomous driving has been making its way into our life. Tom talks about the different systems and how they work. We also take a guess at how long it will be until full autonomous cars are a mainstay here in America.

We wrap up the show by talking about the top15 cars that will go more than 200,000 miles. News flash, the list lacks any Nissan product on it. One place you will find a Nissan is at an SCCA Rally Cross event which is were we spent our weekend watching off road racing.

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This show was originally broadcast live 03/10/2022