On this week's show we talk about shooting video for social media. We found a company that is doing Lithium battery recycling. A call comes in from Garth about leaking head gaskets on his 2003 Ford F150. Then we move to discussing the mini pickup trucks and how the ones from the 70s were like being in a Sardine can. The new ones are much nicer and get great fuel mileage. As always the electric cars come up as Ashley talks about Consumer reports take on Lucid and Rivian. We also talk about giving your car a name. Tom wraps up the show by talking about an odd lawsuit in Arizona. The lawsuit is against Jeep for not making an optional safety feature standard. The outcome of this lawsuit will have far reaching parameters in the auto repair industry. It may end up requiring autonomous driving features to be standard on vehicles and a yearly certification that those systems are calibrated and working properly.

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This show was originally broadcast live 03/10/2022