We are updating our shop loaner car process. Over the years we have been pretty lax with our loaner cars. Well after having two of them smashed and others returned weeks late we needed to change some things surrounding our loaner car fleet. 

The most important thing is they are still no cost to you to use while we have your car in for service. The biggest change is there will now be a rental contract when you use one of our cars. You will have to provide insurance and driver's license information to be able to use a loaner car. Now for the cool part it can all be done with your smartphone. We will initiate the contract on our end and send it to you to fill out. Once you read, fill out and electronically sign the contract it will be emailed to you and us. Then you are ready to go.

A few other items we are changing will be gas, tolls, and extended use of the car after your car is completed. All cars will have a full tank of fuel and we hope you bring them back that way too. Tolls accrued by the use of our loaner car will be paid by the person on the contract during the time the car went through the toll.  We are also expecting our loaner car back within 2 days of us completing a repair. If the car is not returned within 2 days we will start charging a use fee of $50 a day. 

For most people this change will not affect the way you use the loaner car program here. The best thing is they are still free to use. Thank you for understanding why we need to change our policy.