Have you ever left the doctor's office more confused than when you went in? We all have been there. Your doctor tells you about some condition and uses a whole bunch of big words that confuse you. As they talk you just sit there and you nod your head like you understand what they're talking about. While paying, the receptionist hands you large wad of papers with the same jargon on it that you didn't understand 10 minutes earlier. You wonder if there is an easier way to understand this stuff. As your sitting in the car Googling all the stuff that is on the paperwork you think there has to be an easier way. We found out that we do this in the automotive industry and we want to make it better.

Dan and Tom thought, we can make easier to understand what's going on with different parts of the car. We going to break down industry jargon into a visual format anyone can understand. This is why we started a YouTube channel. We hope that if you have any car questions we will be able to answer them and break down how stuff works, what the symptoms of that part failing are, and what a proper repair should be.

Dan and Tom King's Auto Repair West Reading Pa

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