I read a lot of used car warranty contracts for this.

It is here, our warranty show! We answer 3 questions and a statement about used car warranties:

What should you look for

Why do you think you need one

What are the different types warranties

Why we advocate to save your money and not purchase one

We also unpack why you keep getting all these phone calls about extending your car's warranty. Then the discussion turns to how to differentiate between a good and bad warranty. Checking the coverage usually shows that items with high failure rates are not covered by a lot of these companies. Some of these items include lights and housings, shocks, trim, and glass among other things.

One major thing to pay attention to is how much these companies pay towards the repair. Most companies will not pay the shop rate and you will be responsible for the difference just like a health insurance plan. Some offer a supplemental plan to pay the difference between the shop rate and what they pay normally. They also have add on plans that cover the things they don’t cover.

This podcast covers a lot and we could have continued for another 40 minutes. Take a listen and let us know what you think. If you have a comment or car question please email us at Idletalkradio830@gmail.com.

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This show was originally broadcast on 03/17/2022